Mama Cash booklet: Stories of change

Women Human Rights Defenders Network Uganda is honoured to be part of the Mama Cash booklet of stories that is an accompaniment to the Mama Cash Baseline Narrative Report and presents 16 stories written by grantee partners (GPs) participating in the Mama Cash Baseline process in September 2021 – April 2022.

During the Baseline process Recrear offered GPs a virtual learning series aimed at:
1. Learning about how the groups are progressing along different outcomes;
2. Sharing storytelling for LME as a tool they could apply in their own contexts, organizations
and communities;
3. Providing a space for collective learning and networking with other grantee partners

Stories about co-coordinating with others.

WHRDNU features in Mama Cash booklet
                                                             WHRDNU features in Mama Cash booklet

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