The aim of institutional strengthening, Organizational Development and Capacity Building, is to strengthen and enhance the capacity of WHRDN-U as a National Mechanism Gender Responsive protection for Women Human Rights Defenders in Uganda.

Institutional or organization and strengthening are the cornerstone of a vibrant and sustainable organization. This includes both human and non-human resources that work to hold the Institution aloft. In WHRDN-U, this includes the members, staff at secretariat and the tools that have been available to make their environment conducive for efficient and effective delivery of the organizational goals and objectives. Under this component, we achieved the following milestones:

Staffing: The WHRDN-U secretariat has 5 staff members occupying key positions. They include; The Executive Director, Accounts and Administrative Assistant, Protection and Rapid Response Assistant Officer, Officer Assistant, and Volunteer (Communications and Advocacy). Institutional Governance.

On 31/3/23 and 1/4/23, WHRDNU held its Board Of Director’s meeting. We appreciate the valuable discussions held that led to the approval of the annual work plan and budget.

4th Annual General Meeting for Women Human Rights Defenders Network Uganda

The General Assembly

The WHRDN-U held its first general meeting in November 2019, it helped board of directors to share progress reports and financial reports. Members of WHRDN-U were able to meet with the board of directors and staff secretariate.

Snapshot of Board Meeting

Peer exchange learning visit on Cooperate Governance and Financial Management in Gulu from February 16th-17th 2022. Read more