Defending Women Human Rights Defenders.

Women Human Rights Defenders Network

WHRDN-U was founded in 2017 by over 52 women defenders (organizations individuals) directly engaged in women’s rights, oil and extractives, land rights, environmental justice, youth rights, gender based violence, disability rights, media, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights all over Uganda. Connected by their commitment and passion to human rights, many shared there long lived struggles, challenges and risk emanating from the human rights work they are doing in the various sub regions of Uganda which include ; Acholi, Albertine, Lango , Karamoja, Busoga, Teso, Ankole, Central Buganda, WestNile , Bugisu and Rwenzori sub regions.

What we do

Capacity building for protection

Capacity building of WHRDs to detect, mitigate and responds to issues that undermine their safety.

Urgent & Emergency response for protection

Emergency response to care for WHRDs at risk to to safe guard their lives, their physical, mental and emotional health.

Advocacy for protection

Advocacy to address WHRD’s situation, raise visibility of the violence WHRDs face, value WHRDs’ work and mobilize solidarity to protect WHRDs.

Our Objectives

Responding to specific individual or collective cases of WHRDs at risk.

Transforming the context to defend human rights in Uganda.

Strengthening the empowerment, leadership, well-being and autonomy of WHRDs themselves.

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