WHRDN-U Structure

  1. The General Assembly
  2. The WHRDN- U is guided by the General Assembly, the supreme decision-making body. This constitutes all network members.

  3. Board of Directors
  4. Board of Directors approve policies of the organization, approve strategic plans, work plans and budget of the organization
    WHRDN-U Board of Directors consists of six members representing regions across Uganda. The Board includes seasoned practioners in the areas of women’s and human rights as well as some WHRDN-Founder members.
    These include;

    • Pamela Agwech (Executive Director of Gulu Women’s
      Economic Development & Globalization)
    • Helen Kezie Nwoha (Executive Director of Isis-WICCE)
    • Margaret Kulaba Kyemba (Executive Director of the Anti-Domestic Violence Coalition
    • Florence Masuliya (Executive Director of Tusitukirewamu Group)
    • Bruna Mukisa Patricia ( Justice Centers Uganda)
    • Beatrice Okot a human rights lawyer.

  5. Secretariat.
  6. The Secretariat led by Brenda Kugonza, the Executive Director/ founder member of the WHRDN-U , implements policy decisions of the network as approved by the General Assembly and Board of Directors.