Empowering the Girl Child builds a better future




The students of Bethel Covenant college pose for a group photo with the Girl Child Network Uganda and Women Human Rights Defenders Network Uganda secretariat

Over the time, girls have been looked at as the weaker sex which has left them vulnerable especially if they do not have someone to mentor and always be there to listen to them.  with that, they are constantly reminded that they are a not what the society tries to make them believe they are.

This year’s Women’s Day celebration which was under the theme I am Generation Equality: Realising Women’s Rights got several women thinking of how best they could celebrate the achievements, as well as struggles that women go through in our society. This did not leave out the girls because they are the future mothers, wives, and leaders of our country.

“In Uganda, girls are at the forefront of the fight for social justice. Girls have resisted early marriages, genital mutilation, supported abused children, spoken out to defend survivors of sexual violence. But because of their age, they are seen as being immature to participate in human rights activities. So mentoring support to girls from adult women defenders is crucial to sustaining their activism work,” says Brenda Kugonza,the Executive Director,Women Human Rights Defenders network Uganda (WHRDN-U).


On 7th March 2020, Women Human Rights Defenders network Uganda (WHRDN-U) was honored to be invited by Girl Child Network, Uganda, to celebrate Women’s Day with the girl children of Bethel Covenant College, Bwebajja.

The celebration had the girls interact with some professional women who gave them vital tips on how to enhance their self-esteem, manage stress, community care, hygiene, and body.

The topics that were for a discussion focused on building the girls mentally, socially, and economically because they need all that knowledge so that they can shrive in the environment they live in.

Kugonza encouraged the girls to reflect on what they want to celebrate in the future and choosing their role models wisely because these are people who influence what they do.