Group photo at RELLA foundation

WHRDN-U pays solidarity visit to Rella Foundation

Following a report and request from Rella Foundation, on 5th/May 2022, a delegation of WHRDN-U  participated in the solidarity visit   to RELLA foundation

The delegation consisted of 7 WHRDs, 3WHRDs working on Sex workers rights from Arua, Kabarole and Kampala, 1 on GBV from Jinja and 3 on LBQT Rights from Kampala.

RELLA Foundation offers response to LBQTs at risk by providing different services like shelter where they receive psychology needs and expressed challenges they face.

  • security threats with the local council since the law does not protect them thus leading to criminalizing them all the time in the community.
  • Burnout and exhaustion leading to stress from work they do
  • issues of confidentiality is a big challenge to the people at the shelter
Solidarity visit at RELLA Foundation
Solidarity visit at RELLA Foundation

WHRDN-U pledged to provide support inform of protection, grant to buy the bedsheets, mattresses, blankets, towels and buckets